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Detox your Body with Ayurveda

Harmonise your Mind with Yoga

Realise your Self with Vedanta


Ayushgrama is a new project in Kerala, with a team of Ayurveda doctors, for Panchakarma treatment, Rasayana therapy and Education based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta.

This newly established retreat with the academy is in a serene village of Palakkad in Kerala state of India. Here the people can get Panchakarma treatment under our renowned and well experienced Ayurveda doctors and international students  can get trained in Ayurveda and yoga. Our 14 beautiful luxury cottages among lush green paddy fields and flowing crystal clear waters are welcoming you to Kerala- the Gods own country.
In our Ayushgrama, Panchakarma – the important ayurveda detoxifying treatment is available for the various chronic diseases and for the prevention of many diseases.
For the training in Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta we run our own Academy for those who are looking for a deep understanding of Ayurveda and Yoga from its country of origin itself in the most uncompromising mode and in true spirits of its genesis
For all the three areas of our focus in Ayushgrama we offer different programs  with different curriculum and duration. Please browse through our website for  a brief grasp on our vision , mission and goals. Live together, Learn together and Grow up together for promoting  a healthy society all over the globe!

  • Ayurveda Academy                                                                                                  Yoga   Academy                                                                             Vedanta Academy
  • Ayurveda Therapy                                                                                                    Yoga Therapy                                                                                Vedic Practices

Explore The Retreat

Why Ayushgrama for Authentic Ayurveda?

  • It is run by a team of  Ayurveda doctors who have a long term experience in practicing and propagating authentic Ayurveda since the last 25 years in Germany.
  • Our German team consists of Ayurveda doctors and a school medical nurse.
  • Our Indian team consists of 2 male and 2 female doctors, 8 ayurveda therapeuts, 1 Ayurveda chef cook with 6 restaurant staff.
  • It is an eco-friendly resort where locally available resources are used.
  • After understanding the imbalances in the doshas (Vikriti ) by various ayurvedic diagnostics like Jihwa (Tongue), Nadi (pulse)  etc. we make a tailor made treatment program for each person for sustainable healing.
  • We provide traditional Panchakarma for various kinds of diseases since diseases are accumulation of unwanted materials in the body and mind and Panchakarma motto is clean it with various herbal preparations.
  • We serve easy to digest delicious vegetarian food to all of our guests which is customized by the physician based on the imbalances (Vikriti). Food can heal if it properly prepared, proper quantity is taken. Proper quantity depends on your digestive capacity. The aim of Panchakarma is to clean the internal organs and improve the digestive fire!
  • The therapeutic Yoga sessions are conducted by experience teachers certified by the Svyasa university. Yoga is good for health maintenance. But which yoga asanasor pranayamaor dhyanais suitable for each individuals? Our yoga program is not general, but individual specific depends on your patho-physiological make up.
  • Ayushgrama in association with Ayurveda care Germany, is a registered Ayurveda School for western students. To study from the mother country of Ayurveda is always authentic. Our practical training in Ayurveda is unique with teachers who have a lot of experience in western countries.
  • The Ayurvedic medicines prescribed are sourced and prepared by Arya vaidya sala-Kottakkal; Ayurveda Pharmacy –Coimbatore; Vaidyaratnam Oushadha Sala-Trissur with GMP Certification. But most of the Ayurveda decoctions are freshly prepared from the locally available plants at our own center.
  • Our therapists are well trained Ayurvedic physicians and are certified by the Department of Health. Govt. of Kerala.
  • Our daily schedule starts with a Morning walk, temple ceremony and yoga sessions which calms your mind and most important fragment in healing.
  • Our Interactive Vedanta, Satsang and Conferences aims to transform your life towards higher purpose and better productivity.

The logo represents the Parinama – Transformation! From Ayurveda to Yoga. From Yoga to Vedanta. From Illness to Medical wellness. From Medical wellness to Stillness. From Stillness to Consciousness.  A Journey from Annamaya kosha to Atma Sakshtakara, Green health to enlightenment as pure Fire (Agni)


Ayushgrama is a unit of Ayurveda Care established in the year 1996 by Dr. Jeevan.E.P, with the vision of propagating Authentic Ayurveda to the people of Germany.

Ayushgrama is the model project of Dr. Jeevan, Dr.Anoop and Bianca Seemann. The vision is to give the healing benefits of Authentic Ayurveda to the modern generation to achieve their optimum health in the easiest way without compromising in the tradition. The three fundamental principles of Ayurveda in healing like the Yukti-Vypasraya (Logic based Ayurveda treatments with Panchakarma, Nutrition, Herbal supplements, Yoga asana) ;  Daiva-Vyapasraya (Divine treatments like rituals in Panchamoorthy temple, Astrological consultations and solution, Puja, Bhajan); Satva-Avajaya (Psychological upliftment like Sat sanga, vedanta discourses, Dhyana) are harmoniously linked in our center for a perfect healing.

So what is Unique About Ayurveda? In Ayurveda the approach and treatments to a disorder is unique. Since we should follow a proper and systematic detoxification for the body & Mind, this is exactly what an Ayurvedic therapy does.


We do not have a standard package of treatments for every individual. Your treatments are decided after the diagnosis. But still you will have a general idea of our multiday package, which includes customised Ayurveda therapies, Yoga Asanas, Yoga Dhyana, Daiva vyapasraya* and Satwavajaya* programs along with healthy ayurvedic nutrition. You will be under the guidance of Ayurveda doctors, who will decide and monitor your progress to reach ultimate healing and to be at ease.

Living at Ayushgrama

Ayushgrama with 14 cottages are designed with classic elegance in the Kerala architectural style and blend seamlessly with the lush surrounding landscapes. The 14 elegant cottages has a panoramic views of the bharatha puzha / Nila Nadi- the longest river of Kerala . With a serene and natural feel, each room is a heaven in itself with luxurious beds and attached bathrooms.


Which airport do I have to book my flight to and who collects me at the airport?

The transfer from Cochin (Kochi) or Calicut (Kozhikode) or Coimbatore Airport to the Ayushgrama is free of charge and is organized by the Ayushgrama as long as we are aware of your flight details (time of arrival and flight number). Ayushgrama staff will await you outside the airport terminal. When leaving the airport, please look out for the sign “Ayushgrama”. The trip to the Ayushgrama takes about 3.30 minutes from Kochi, 3 hours from Kozhikode or 1. 30 minutes from Coimbatore by Car.

When do I have to be at the airport for my return flight?

For your departure flight, you should be at the airport check-in at least 2½ hours before departure.

What kind of clothing do you advise?

Simple and loose-fitting clothing is sufficient. For the evening hours we recommend some warmer clothing like a sweater or cardigan. You can also buy from our shop, cotton churidars or pyjamas for your daily use. Check the web:

Is it possible to swim in the  River ?

The  bathing in the river is not allowed during the panchakarma therapy. Our swimming pool is  at your disposal all year round. During your programme of Ayurvedic treatment, we advise keeping any strenuous physical exercise to a minimum. Please consult our doctors on site about this.

What currencies are accepted at Ayushgrama Ayurvedic Health Resort? 

At Ayushgrama you can change money or pay in euros. We accept Master and Visa credit cards, and all other widely used credit cards are accepted. You can change foreign currency into the national currency at most banks.

Cultural Events

A variety of traditional events regularly take place in Ayushgrama

Traditional folk dance and theatre

Kerala is world-famous for its art, poetry and classical dance. Let yourself be captivated by India’s traditions and artistry.


Our musicians, whether they play tablas or the sitar, Flute  will lead you through the immeasurable diversity of Indian music.

Film shows

You’d like to know more about Ayurveda or immerse yourself in the world of Bollywood? Then come to our film shows.

Day Trips

Our day trips enable you to visit the most important locations near Palakkad.  It is not recommended to do a tour after Panchakarma. Our travel desk will help you to organize the day trips.

Round Trips

Our round trips enable you to visit the most beautiful locations in southern India. Particularly in the high season, we advise you to book tours inclusive of accommodation before your arrival and before starting Panchakarma. It is not recommended to do a tour after Panchakarma. Our travel desk will help you to organize the round tours.



Welcome to the download-area. Here you will find our brochures ready for download, the current tariff, and selected links for your planned stay in India and more…

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A day At AyushGrama

A typical day at the Ayushgrama would start with our nurse calling on you to help you to take the morning medicines before you have your breakfast or daily routines at about 6.00 AM.

The group of Yoga session commences at 6.30 AM and if you are advised to take part in the same, you may do so or you may choose to go out for a walk to enjoy the paddy fields or river.

  • Plant a birth star tree at our garden
  • Conduct a Vedic ritual at our Panchamoorthy temple
  • Study Ayurveda cooking from our chef.
  • Get an individual yoga sequences from our Yoga therapist.
  • Study medicinal plants from our herbal garden.
  • Relax in our riverside and watch the swans.
  • Come to our Gosala ( Cows) and watch and help to get milk, butter and buttermilk and Ghee
  • Familiar with our organic vegetables like Okra, Moringa etc.
  • Walk through the rice fields
  • Or just come to our pharmacy and observe the medicinal oil making

You can do several small activities for your physical and mental relaxation along with the panchakarma therapy. Please ask our doctor for more details.

Those who have no herbal decoctions, the morning starts with an herbal tea served in the Satwa Restaurant at 6.30 AM.  Just sit in-front of the river and watch our swans. Or go through our herbal garden and collect Tulasi , Hibiscus or Jasmine  for your temple rituals .

300 m away is the Panchamorrthy temple. Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva idols. Awaken one’s spirituality sacred surroundings at sunrise or sunset. Guided by our  staff, and perofrom the rituals which are one of the element in healing. Lord Ganapathy, Lord Shiva, Parvati devi, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Ayyappa are worshiped with equal relevance. This temple locates in the lap of nature, on the banks of Nila river, which flows northwards. Nila river is worshiped here as Holy Ganga.

Generally in-patients would have one session of therapy in the morning and at times another session in the evening. Breakfast will be served in between 7.00 AM to 9.30 AM.

Once a day the Patients should visit the treating doctors before the treatment schedule. The assistant physicians would visit you twice a day to ensure that all developments with regard to your health are observed, recorded and passed on to your treating physician for further decision and action. They are also available and may be contacted any time you need their assistance.

Our Team

What matters most is who are the team and what is their vision. The Ayushgrama family is dedicated to share the wisdom of Ayurveda not only through the treatments but also by life style education, which is currently a need more than anything. How to live, which type of nutrition, which type of job, even partnership, daily and seasonal routines to prevent diseases and what is the purpose of my life. 


Our Vision

We share a common vision that Ayurvedic knowledge and practices the world needs. Our experiences in western countries plus the languages we use like German, Italian and english makes the patients more easier for communication in consultation and treatments. Our commitment is to provide the best practicable knowledge what you can continue at home after the Panchakarma, education, organic herbs, oils and formulations to enrich and nourish something highly desirable for aa healthy life! 

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Guidelines for patients

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