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Ayurveda Life Consultant

Ayurveda or the knowledge of life is the ancient medical wisdom of India which dates back to more than 5000 years. Efficacy of the treatments and the theory of Ayurveda, it is getting world wide recognition and popularity. But the vast and complete nature of Ayurveda requires systematic training based on traditional theories as well as clinical practice.

For a westerner there are a lot of hurdles to get a seat in the Indian medical colleges and also to understand the languages. Keeping this in mind, Ayurveda – Care Germany is organising different course in Germany as well as at Kerala,  which are practical oriented at Ayushgrama.  The guidance of Dr.Jeevan who has more than 25 years of experience in Germany as teaching and practising will be your main teacher.  It is always amazing to study from the country of origin and traditional ayurveda doctors to get full understanding of Ayurveda. After the course you are eligible to practices ayurveda life consultant with yoga therapy in your country of origin.

Ayurveda Academy

The Academy will offer Ayurveda trainings for westerners who want to practice Ayurveda in their countries of origin.

Every alternate month, a batch of up to 10 students will come and stay for a month to six weeks. Before and after their training they will get classes in their country of origin, e.g. Germany or in online classrooms. Students will be integrated in the treatment rooms, senior students will start to conduct treatments themselves for the patients. They will also have the chance to attend consultations and help in the Charitable OPD, the Factory or visit the collection and production of Ayurvedic medicine done by the Local people. They can increase their knowledge of Medicinal Plants by helping in the maintenance of the Medicinal Plant Garden. Special guest teachers (Senior Ayurvedic doctors) will come to Ayurveda Care Academy for classes and discussions on Ayurveda Science.

Main Courses are: 

  • Ayurveda Basic course (Sutra)
  • Ayurveda Advanced course ( Chikitsa)
  • Ayurveda in specialization (Tatwa Prakasini)
  • Ayurveda internship program (Rasayana)
  • Study original texts of Ayurveda (Gurukula)
  • Sanskrit study (Samskruta)
  • Ayurveda course for physiotherapists (Paricharaka)
  • Ayurvedic way of cooking (Pachaka)