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Time is God,Be Aware of It

Dr. Anup Nair (B.A.M.S, M.D)

I have done my graduation and masters in Ayurveda from Rajiv Gandhi medical university, Bangalore. After the completion of my ayurveda medicine, I have worked in Middle East for 5 years. Since 2010, I am working as the chief physician at Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Palakkad. Rheumatoid arthritis, Poly arthritis, Skin diseases like psoriasis, Migraine, sinusitis, digestive problems, Gynaecological diseases like amenorrhoea, infertility, children diseases like concentration problems, polio myelitis are the common problems which I face daily.  The nutrition, ayurveda medicines and exercises are the common prescriptions what I advice in an out patient clinic. My specialisation in general medicine helped me a lot for practising a variety of diseases.

Usually we say in India that the traditions of grandfather will pass to the grand children. May be that is my luck and I carried the tradition of my grand father who was a traditional ayurveda vaidya who died at the age of 98 years. His accuracy in diagnosis and individualised treatment protocols were influenced me a lot in my career. That is why I joined for Ayurveda medical course in the year of 1999.

My interest in making different kinds of Ayurveda herbal combinations like Ayurveda oils, Ayurveda ghee and Arishtam are one of the satisfying job which I have undertaken. The simple combinations of herbs, which are tailor- made for each patient is more effective than the complex compound combinations. I believe that the herbal combinations are like the mathematical calculations when I think about each patient specific and disease specific. Ayurvedic medicines are not only a combination of plants in powder or capsule form like herbal medicine. Each form of the preparations has a great influence in treating the type of dosha or subtype of dosha vikruti in Ayurveda.

A plant or plant combination in the decoction form (kashaya) is more useful in Kapha predominant conditions or used as a preparatory stage for Panchakarma. This is called as Ama pachana. But the same plant or plants combination in the oil medium (thaila) is useful in balancing the Vata dosha or Vata subtypes of dosha vikruti and useful in the Purva and panchakarma procedures. At the same time the form or medium in ghee(ghruta) with the same plant combinations are used in Pitta dosha vikruti or in the Rasayana stages of treatments. Most of the ayurveda physicians forget this traditional ayurveda concepts and use plants as tablets or capsules. This type of new modern way of thinking has fewer effects in therapy and away from the theory of original ayurveda. I still believe the ancient way of thinking and the modern way of adoption of ayurveda  and that is one of the main area of my interest.                                                                           My wife is also an ayurvedic doctor who helps me a lot in preparing medicines and in consultations.

We use most of the decoctions-kashaya and oils-thaila for ama pachana and panchakarma, which are prepared fresh in Ayushgrama. We are preparing the ayurveda medicines only in a small scale and also for only  our in-patients. Since it is not for commercial purpose, but for our Ayushgrama patients, the quality is assured and results are more than buying from the common market. Most of the plants are organically grown or wild- / collected from the rain forest of Kerala. So the preparations are pesticides free or heavy metal free and preservatives free.

Come to our small factory ? kaashaya pura- The home of herbal combinations- where  we are preparing the hand made medicines for you with fire-woods and mud vessels, as much as traditional as possible.

“Food prepared with love is satisfying! And medicines prepared with logic is healing!”