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More than the Plant, which Form of the Plant is important in Therapy

Ayurveda Factory

Proper administration of the plant energies in to the body is the beauty of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic pharmacology is not a combination of plants in a pill or cosmetc oils.The way in which and the vehicle in which the potency of the plants and minerals are introduced is the logic behind the medical practce.The same plant as decoction or in different mediums like oil, ghee, honey, buttermilk etc. has different effects on the body. The Ayurvedic physician works as a mediator of the energy of the plants (Nature- macrocosm) and the patient (micocosm) to establish the balance in the deranged energies of the patients.

The forms of preparation  has special effects on Vata, Pitta and Kapha. There are no more new forms or no more new formulas in the classical Ayurveda. Ayurveda is quite different from the herbal medicine The idea of Ayurveda is not giving a plant or plant product as it is. It is the quality of the  plant, and also in which form it is induced in to the body are  important in the treatment aspects.The properties for examples are: Heaviness, lightness, cooling, heating, drying up, oiling, grossness, subtleness etc. of the plants. Each medicinal plants of India are classified according to the properties by which it is acting on the body. For example: A heating plant can not given to Pitta  disease or in Pitta  constitution. But it can be given to the other diseases or Kapha & Vata diseases.

The forms in which the plant is induced are Decoction, Medicated ghee, Medicated oil, Medicated honey, Dry powders, Fine powders, Fermented preparations  etc. For example: A heating  plant in the powder form will work in kapha diseases and  the same plant medicated with oil will work in Vata diseases..

So the beauty of Ayurveda and the difference with herbal medicine is -the finding out of correct & opposite property of the plant or plants to the diseases, and to choose in which medium the property is to be induced.

The whole range of medicines like Arishtam (fermented preparations), Ghrtam (medicated ghee), Thailam (medicated oils), Lehyam(Elixirs), Choornam(herbal powders), Kashayam(decoctions) etc. are explained here. More over the original textual sanskrit names are kept which are also known to every Indian Ayurvedic practitioners. At Ayushgrama, we prepare the medicines according the ancient ayurveda formulas.