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Healing is from inside: Physicians are only the mediators

Ayurveda Treatment

Certainly you are already curious about the daily routine during your treatment in Ayushgrama. You will find that, in Ayushgrama, no one treatment can be compared with the other as we follow a medicinal approach and treat each patient as per their individual dosha vikruti.

On the day of arrival you have the first consultation with one of our doctors. An extensive consultation  with our doctor, an ayurveda diagnosis is made and  the doctor will advise an individual treatment,  food-plan for you. During the following days you will get intensive, individual treatment according to your treatment plan. After each treatment we recommend a period of relaxation in order for the treatment to take its full effect.

Every day we offer yoga Asana and Yoga Dhyana for beginners as well as for advanced participants. The daily  consultation with our doctors secures a successful and effective treatment course. Your treatment is accompanied by a varied diet  according to your individual Dosha Vikruti, which you may enjoy in the restaurant with river view and a large sunny terrace. This offers each guest, whether travelling alone or with friends, the possibility to interact with interesting people from all over the world. And in between all this relaxation and tension relief, you will surely find the time for a leisurely walk at the paddy fields, a good book or a sunbath at the pool or a temple ritual according to your Vedic astrological star.