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Smiling and compassion is Holistic Healing

Bianca Seemann

Born in the Bavarian Altötting. At the age of 12 years I already knew my vocation as a nurse and try to help people in difficulties. Slowly I developed a very big intention to learn nursing and started working as a nurse at 19 years of my age. I have worked as a full time nurse at several clinics, including the Accident Clinic Murnau in Intensive care (ITS) for severely injured patients like paraplegia – neurosurgery and in Vogtareuth on cardiac surgery – Intermediate Care (IMC) – for a total of 22 years. And I loved the work as a nurse by dealing with patients who are in paralysis or multiple sclerosis where their movements are restricted.

Being a Bavarian, I was compelled to eat the rich tradition of our region like potatoes, cheese, pork, eggs and salads. But somehow I always declined to eat non vegetarian and looking for the aromas of Rosemarry, Parsely, Oregano, Sage, Basil like European plants, but also some of the unknown plants like Ginger, Ajawan, Asafoetida and Turmeric. I did not know from where this comes or how it should be utilized in my childhood. Even I cooked mango curry and basmati rice in my young age.

At the age of 24 I found the flavor of spices are coming from the east and I loved to travel to South East Asia. Contrary to Liz Taylor (Julia Roberts) I reached Bali for yoga and India for my Love. As a yoga instructor, which I have learned from Yogi Bhajans tradition I became a yoga teacher to teach different postures as yoga therapy in specific diseases like back pain, obesity or arthritis were one of my interesting aim, since I come from a professionally qualified nurse.

After 3 months in Bali, I reached back again in Bavaria. I found a lot of missing in our health system and the humanity is less and less in the normal practice of medicine. Everything I found as mechanical and time depended. Yoga travel and eastern thinking taught me a lot and I was thirsty to know more about the eastern medicine. I have always an interest to study Ayurveda, but I never found a teacher who can explain this in a vivid manner and from the source of mother country of Ayurveda. That was the connection with Dr.Jeevan and together with him I am travelling the new horizons of Ayurveda.

The creation of Ayushgrama project at Kerala is my dream! A place where greenery is there, excellent kitchen with lot of Ayurvegan (Vegan but with milk products like ghee) and humanity is still exists but not the time stress is there. Now I see my childhood dreams are becoming the reality. I am in the land of spices, Land of colors and land of Veda!

Another vital aspect is the Ayushgrama kitchen – Our ancesters believed that the way and what we eat largely contributes to a healthy life, and is an important part of healing. We adapted the concept of traditional ayurvedic food (food for your body type / disease) so that the same could be accomplished with International cuisines as well. All this, seamlessly combined with the authentic ayurveda traditions our recipe are easily digetable, organic and healing. This idea of combining the ayurveda principles with western locally available vegetables are the another area of my interest. This can be easily adopted when you go back from Ayushgrama to your home town. I love to care the herbal plants, which can be used in our treatments. Love to help in the presentation of food and which type of nutrition is important for the each individual written by our Ayurveda doctors. And I am available for your questions ether in Ayurveda Care, Germany or in Ayushgrama,Kerala. Of course my main capacity is caring, communication to the westerners and want to be the bridge between the west and the east.

The last and most important element essential to Ayushgrama being are its people. Each and every member of the staff needed to understand, imbibe and live by the Ayushgrama philosophy and we were lucky to find them. They are the single most important reason for Ayushgrama success.

When I do Yoga asana or Yoga dhyana, as medical nurse of the body and mind, I feel and touch the conscious level of a patient, which is very much needed in the healing process.

“Treat with Less medications, Care more with Joy but Console maximum with Compassion – This makes an active-healthy Ageing Population”