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Enjoy Every Moment Even in Simple Things


Chaya Kada is a casual and elegant setting for drinks and light snacks located  near the paddy fields. The chayakada is the ideal venue for intimate gatherings for your evening chai or herbal water.

Enjoy a masala chai under the expert guidance of our staff. And just enjoy how he cooks the tea from samovar!

Whether it is the cup of tea on your mind or merely historic curiosity or to chat with local people, the chaya kada is your awaited answer. You can get English news papers, magazines or local Malayalam papers from this shop.

Chaya / Chai means black tea mixed with boiled milk and spices. This enhances the digestion and refresh you. If you have any problems with black tea, drink free tea or herbal water.

Ginger for your digestion; Fenugreak for your fat removal, Cumin for your cramps, Tulasi for your allergy and cardamom for your heat.

You can also get fresh tender coconut water from this chaya kada!