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Know Your Higher Concoiusness by Observation

Daiva Vyapasraya Chikitsa (Invoking the Divine God within us)

Here, healing is closely related to divine energy (God) within our self and the cosmic intelligence. 

Every individual has a core center, which is Divine. The vibrations, good or bad, which one receives from the inner as well as the outer environments, are all received and processed in this core. The blessings that one receives too add to this same area of one’s existence. A blessing is a benevolent intention and causes a movement in energy. When it arises in a calm and content mind, this movement of energy is very forceful. 

Ayurveda has recommended faith in the divine as a cure for many diseases. Devotion, prayers, invoking blessings, vows, worships, fasts, penance and chanting – all these bring about healing. 

Daiva Vyapasraya ( Divine treatments like rituals in Panchamoorthy temple, Astrological consultations and solutions, Puja, Bhajan are some of our treatment methods in divine healing);

  • Incantation (Mantra)
  • Certain divine herbs (Aushadha Dharana)
  • Gems (Ratnas)
  • Rituals (Mangala)
  • Oblation (Bali)
  • Offerings (Uphahara)
  • Sacrifice (Homa)
  • Ceremonial Penitence (Praayaschitta)
  • Fasting (Upavaasa)
  • Prostration (Pranipata)
  • Pilgrimages (Gamana)
  • Vows (Niyama)