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Most of the Diseases are Originated from Your Stomach

Digestive System- Koshtagata Vikara

 Ayurveda explains that the diseases starts from the gastro-intestinal tract in the body level. Ayurveda refers “Koshta”a term explained as a hollow caivity inside our body. Accumulation or blockages or gas formation or inflammation in this cavity ist he first symptoms produced depends on the dosha involvement. If the Vata ist he causative factor, gas formation will be the symptom and we refer as „Vishtabda Ama“ in sanskrit. This leads to various other symptoms or symptom complaex in time and produces constipation, cramps, flatulence, heamarrhoides or even colon cancer.

Same way the pitta produces inflammation and Kapha produces blocks. The Vishtabda and Ama are the terms used respectevly for Pirta and Kapha.

If the diseases are in the Koshta, the healing process is easy. But the diseases passes from Koshta to Dhathus (GUT to tissues) the prognosis is not good. Please read more details of Dosha-Dhathi and mala and the genesis of disease.*

The following diseases are in a choronological manner and to understand in which the deeper the diseases in the tissues, severe the diseases and we need more days odf treatments, medications, life style and panchakarma for a permenant cure depends on the diagnosis factors (dasa Vidha Pareeksha)*

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