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Clean and Promote your Blood by Natural Ways.

Haematology- Rakta Dhatu

One of the hematological diseases which can be well treated with Ayurveda is hemolytic anemia or iron deficiency anemia. Pandu is the name given in Ayurveda for such kind of disease which means pallor. A low calorie food, vegan diet or vegetarian diet can trigger such conditions in the west. A vegetarian diet means there should be a whole grains, lentils and vegetables on your every day meals at least once. But people in the west eat either only one or 2 vegetable or fruits and say that they are vegetarians. And as a fashion people change immediately from their food habits to vegan or vegetarian, which will make shock to the body and mal nutrition. Since anemia is in the second tissue diseases, it is recommended to add so many food items and recipes which are directly influencing the second tissue such as Beet root soup, Red grape juice, Pomgranate soup, Carrot smoothie, Spinach fry etc.  Along with the nutrition Loha Asavam, Mandura vatakam, Draksdai lehametc are given as medicines. Panchakarma like Sneha Vasthi and Virechana and Purvakarma with Dadiamadi ghrta sneha panaare essential in treating Anemia. Improving the digestive fire (Agni) is the main aim of all these procedures. Come to our center for more information’s or contact our Ayushgrama doctors in your country.

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