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Plants are the Essence of Life


In the colonial period, Munnar was one of the most popular resorts for the British. With its seemingly endless tea plantations, the aromas of the spices that grow there and an impressive national park, you will find Munnar to be one of the most idyllic places of southern India.

Munnar has a variety of spices like Cardamom, Vannilla, Pepper, Cinnamon, Coffee, Tea, Clove, Nutmeg, Bettle Nut, Cadbury, Allspices (Sarvasuganthi), Lemon Grass, Curry Leaf, Ginger, Garlic, Hibiscus, Pappaya, Mosambi, Orange, Mango, variety of JackFruit, Water cherry, various type of Gua Tree, Coconut Tree, Arbi, Insulin Plant, Pathimukam plant, Gooseberry, Basil, variety of flowers.

A vist to Munnar is worth to understand the hills of Kerala with variety of spice plantations.