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Desires are the root Cause of Diseases: A Mental Health is Complete Health

Psychology- Monovaha Srotas

Mind influences the physiology and pathology of the physical body. This fact was realized by the founding fathers of Ayurveda. There fore Ayurveda is defined as a philosophy and Knowledge of life. “It is the Sattva Guna that is responsible for preparing the mind to produce positive thought waves. Sattva Guna tries to bring a balance between the Rajo and Tamo manasika Doshas, the pathological psychic factors, which are finally responsible for the disturbance of the three somatic factors (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). These three somatic factors are responsible for the various body ailments”.

In our Ayushgrama the three treatment methods are adopted for a complete treatment for the body and mind.

  1. Yukti Vypasaraya ( Logical and scientific treatment methods with Plants, Nutrition, Panchakarma)
  2. Daiva Vyapasraya ( The divine or Spritual treatment with the methods of Pujas,Astrology, Homa and Dhyana.)
  3. Satwa Avajaya- (Councilling and advicing for a better life by giving so many informations to avoid fear, jealosy and envy like emotional disorders)
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