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Breath is Your Health; VAYU is Your AYU !

Respiratory Tract- Prana Vaha Srotas

Respiratory tract diseases are related with prana vaha srotas in Ayurveda.

Asthma, Chronic Cough, Hay Fever and Bronchitis are some of the Common diseases what we are dealing with ayurveda at Ayushgrama.

In Asthma, either you can reduce the dosage of different cortico- steroid spays

by undergoing Panchakarma or you can completely stop the modern medicines by adopting the Ayurveda life style what we introduce you in our center.

Hay fever is another disease what we suffer in western countries in every year during the spring season. It is not the logic what we induce a lot of modern medicines to suppress the hay fever and get more prone to different other diseases by antihistamines and cortisones. Instead of we should change our life style and clean our system in order to react  the allergens.

Chronic cough and bronchitis ca be completely prevented by adopting a lot of home remedies. Some of the plants and spices have tremendous results in such diseases. It cost nothing compared to the modern medications. Ginger, long pepper, Curcuma, Basil, Vasa etc. are some of the plants whih w uses from our garden.

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