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Mindlessness means Meditation which Heals your Mind

SATVA AVAJAYA CHIKITSA (Non Pharmacological Psychotherapy)

Sattvavajaya is the psychotherapeutic system of Ayurveda or the non- pharmacological approach of Ayurveda to improve one’s mental and emotional status. Charaka, who had visualized the role that psychological factors play in diseases, recommends Sattvavajaya as an objective approach for modification of mental functioning based on ayurvedic principles.  As a psychotherapeutic system Sattvavajaya needs help, guidance and interference of an expert vaidya ( Ayurvedic practitioner) and uses intervention tools like ashvasana (assurance), samsucana (suggestion), pratyayayana (persuation), nirdesana (guidance), prasiksana (education and training), parimarjana (modification), sammohana (hypnosis), visamvedana (desensitization), rechana (catharsis) and samtrapti (satisfaction).

Satava Avajaya (Pschological upliftment like Sat sanga, Vedanta discourses, Dhyana are conducted in our center)

Counseling and stress management

Most of the physical complaints are born out of mental stress. It has been established that many diseases like Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hyperacidity, IBS, High Blood pressure, Reproductory problems; Skin diseases etc. are directly related to the stress level. Hence stress management has an important role in treatment.

Stress management with the principles of Ayurveda viz,

  • Dhi (strengthening or fortifying the mental strength)
  • Dhairya (encouraging or counseling) and
  • Atmaadi Vignanam (implanting philosophical ideas) is incorporated at Arogya.

Our Yoga programs with Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana will help in improvement of the mental strength.