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Uniqueness of Ayurveda

There are minimum 5 different special approaches in Ayurveda compared to other medical systems

  1. Preventive medicine- Dina charya(daily routines), Ritu charya (seasonal routine) and sad Vrutta (Personal development) is one of the important aspect which we can not see in other medical  systems
  2. Panchakarma -A step by step cleansing of the gastro intestinal tract after mobilizing the endo-exo toxins (ama) from the dhathus is the core treatment in Ayurveda, which is unique approach is another specialty of Ayurveda. . A panchakarma in every year can detoxify my accumulated mental, physical, emotional toxins and to protect or preserve my health or prevent further progress of diseases.
  3. A  disease development from the Gut to Tissues to Vital organs / points along with mind (Psycho somatic or somato psychic approach. This can understand a patient or doctor or a healthy person, that what kind of diseases I am prone to and how can I prevent or cure.
  4. Holistic approach- The word holistic is exactly applicable to Ayurveda. If you have a problem of the ear- the ear is connected with ether element. The same ether element is connected with vocal cords / speech / thyroid. The sam ether element is connected with your thumb, colon, Vishudhi chakra, Space, Jupiter planter, Thursday and so on. Most of the disease which invlove with depression, lacunas, emptiness are all interrelated. This approach of elements, planets, sense and motor organs, internal organs, symptom complex etc. are holistic, which is essential in healing and prevention.
  5. Prakruti /Vikruti- Each person in the world is made with a physio-psycho-emotional make up which is called as Prakruti in Ayurveda. Prakrutiis a foundation for the practice of Ayurveda, and the  genetic basis for selecting a personalized life style. But the vikruti which is a disbalanced state of doshas which accumulates  or overloaded on prakruti with environmental, emotional, nutritional influences is  essential for personalized medicines or treatments.