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Healthy Women is the Key of Family Health.

Women Health- Artava Vaha

Women  are under tremendous pressure having to cope up with the double responsibility of work and home. This leaves them with less time to take care of their health. Right from school days, girls have now very less opportunity for exercise and this adds to the health risk affecting menstruation, metabolism, fertility and general health over time. More than that most of the chemical drugs like anti baby pills HRT, thyroid medicines etc negatively affects the women health.

Women are having 2 extra channels more than men. They are Artava vaha srotas and sthanya vaha srotas. Women are the one having different hormonal dance during the time of menarche, mensuration, lactation, pregnancy and menopause. Most of the time they are in some kinds of pills like anti baby pills, migraine tablets etc. which will toxify the liver in long run. The diseases what a modern women are having are mostly created by the unwanted usages of medicines. Endometriosis, ovarian or breast cancer, premenstrual tensions, thyroid problems and liver toxicity are some among them.

Ayurveda all ways explains about a normal mensuration and a stress free life during the time of menstrual cycle. A light diet and strenuous work should be avoided during the cycles. Mensuration is like a panchakarma or like a blood cleaning therapy. Any blockage of menses mechanically, chemically or mentally will predispose the diseases which are mentioned above. Apana Vata which is one of the subtype of Vata dosha is mainly affected in women’s health. If the artava vaha srotas is blocked it will also generate the diseases in the sthanya vaha srotas. That is why any fibroids or cancer of uterus and affect also the breast like csyts or cancers as secondary.

So the aim of Ayurveda is to remove the blocks in the artava vaha srotas and correct the Apana vata.

In our center at Ayushgrama, we treat endometriosis, poly cystic ovaries, Premenstrual syndrome, menopausal disorders, irregular mensuration, infertility and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. We have a separate department for women health with experienced Ayurveda gynecologists. Along with Panchakarma, special nutrition and herbs – the yoga therapy for women is very significant in our center. Various ano-rectal application of medicines called Vasthi is one of the main panchakarma.

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