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Balance Your Elements with Natural Ingredients.

YUKTI VYAPASRAYA CHIKITSA ( Intelligent use of drugs)

The whole range of Ayurvedic therapies is administered for different durations, with different medicines for different purposes. They are offered only for in-patients.

This is a multi-fold treatment involving herbal remedies, dietary and lifestyle regimen, yoga, pranayama, and meditation. The herbal formula can specifically address an individual’s prakruti (constitution), vikruti (distortions in the constitution) and symptomatology. 

Ayurveda gives prime importance to pathya vyavastha (prescription of nutrition and activity), which comprises indications and contraindications with respect to diet, activity, habits and emotional status. This is done to enhance the effect of therapeutic measures and to impede the pathogenetic processes. Emphasis on DOs and DON’Ts of diet are laid with the aim to stimulate Agni (to optimize digestion and assimilation of food) and nidana parivarjana (avoidance of disease-causing and aggravating factors in diet and lifestyle).

Ayurvedic methods of restoring health involve two aspects – Panchakarma (periodic detoxification) and Rasayana (the building up of the immune system).